ABOUT RESTAURANT >The Boiler Room Restaurant is called that because the space was the boiler room providing heat for the 120 year old Bemis Bag Building . The construction of steel posts and girders, brick walls and reinforced concrete ceilings was designed to isolate and fireproof the room. A part of the street level floor remained like a balcony overlooking the boiler dramatically, theatrically. Over the years and decades, especially since the Bemis Bag Company, which manufactured all sorts of bags for produce moved out, the paint on brick walls, steel posts and beams, and concrete ceilings wore off, chipped off, leaving variegated, stained, rusted, paint splotched, flaked, eroded surfaces, the beautiful texture of ruins. Most buildings, perhaps even paintings, are at their best during construction and in a state of decay. It is recommended in matters of restoration, of works of art, sculpture fragments and historic buildings to repair rather than replace original elements where possible and to distinguish clearly between the new and the original elements. So, within the limits of safety and hygiene, we tried to preserve as much as possible the romantic state of decay, the varied texture of aging and weathering. As a set piece for the dining experience, the warmth and patina of the space stand in compliment to the crispness of service, the freshness of product, the panoply of beverage, and the eagerness to curate the most important mission of the restaurant: hospitality.ABOUT CHEF TIM NICHOLSON >Tim Nicholson is an Omaha native who graduated school at Metropolitan Community College’s Institute for Culinary Arts in 2008.  During school, Tim started working in his first kitchen frying fish.  Working his way up through the ranks he soon moved on to work for hotels and steakhouses around the area. In late 2010 Tim found himself meeting with founding Boiler Room Chef, Paul Kulik, where he was brought on as Sous Chef.  Tim fell in love with the restaurant, its food, and philosophy. For the next years Paul and Tim worked side by side molding The Boiler Room into the restaurant it is today.  Promoted to Chef de Cuisine in 2013, Tim really started to put more of himself into the restaurant. Learning new techniques, perfecting recipes and helping push The Boiler Room forward.  With a constant pursuit of quality and refinement Tim was given the promotion and title of Executive/Head Chef at the start for 2017.  Inspired and Excited. Tim brings a steady hand to the kitchen and arelentless pursuit of the refined. ABOUT LOCAL FOOD PURVEYORS >Our menu is a showcase of the talents of local growers and the finest of their harvest.  As in the kitchen, countless of hours are spent carefully tending to fields ensuring that only the highest quality makes it to the guest.  The relationships that we have developed over the years remind us that what we put on the plate starts at what goes into the field.  Although not all of our farmers are certified organic, all work in the most natural and humane way possible.  We are proud to present them and the fruits of their labor not only as local stewards of our landscape but as the creators of some of the finest products available anywhere. Squeaky Green Organics
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ABOUT OUR TEAM >General Manager / Wine Director Anthony Johnson
Anthony has been a part of our staff since 2011, and has extensive experience in the Old Market dinning community. His passion for food and beverage have made him a core member of our team, and in 2014, he took over our extensive wine program with the same enthusiasm. In November of 2015, Anthony became the General Manager of the restaurant, approaching the task with a consistent attention to detail and undiminished excitement about the guest's experience.
 Sous Chef Nait Akers
Born and raised in Omaha, Nait graduated from MCC’s Institute for Culinary Arts and worked restaurants and hotels before coming to the Boilerroom Restaurant in 2014. He began to pursue knowledge and skill under Executive Chef Tim Nicholson and became the Sous Chef in 2016. Nait continues to refine his skill and technique in pursuit of creating the best possible dishes with the best local ingredients.
 Beverage Director / Bartender Alec Candelaria
Alec Candelaria came to us at the start of 2015. Coming from Los Angeles, California, he brings his west coast roots to The Boiler Room. He started his career in high volume bars and soon fell smitten to the craft cocktail scene. With the efficiency of a seasoned bartender and a military background, his focus on precision, perfection, and attention to details is not surprising. He has a love for classic cocktails from the golden age before prohibition, and the original cocktails on his menu pay homage to that with an old time elegance and unique subtlety. But he also likes to push the envelope, staying progressive, utilizing new techniques, exuding a piece of who he is and his own unique ingenuity. He has an obsession with house made ingredients. From tonic to liquors, bitters and syrups, he concocts everything he possibly can himself, and meticulously curates each and every spirit behind the bar. He loves personalizing experiences with guests, talking about cocktails and spirits and finding the perfect cocktail, on or off of the menu, for every guest.
ABOUT DRINK PROGRAM >We have created a beverage menu that matches our enthusiasm for dining. At the bar, we offer an array of craft, custom, and classic cocktails utilizing artisan spirits, house-made ingredients, fresh seasonal juices, and expert technique. Our bar is a place to imbibe, explore and enjoy. Our wine list, originally conceived by Master Sommelier Jesse Becker, is diligently maintained with a strict focus on lively aromatics, expressive minerality, and effusive pair-ability.  With over 500 selections of terroir focused bottles, the list is designed to reflect our passion for finding the right bottle for the right occasion.  We greatly admire the effort that goes into each bottle and hope to share the story and passion of every winemaker. We source our coffee from Cultiva Coffee in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Cultiva selects beans of single origin for carefully custom roasting, protecting their fruit and complexity while layering toast and richness.